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Residential EV Chargers

Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home, Safely

If you are considering purchasing an EV vehicle or have already purchased your new car, there are several options you can choose from for how to charge it.

120v Outlet

The most common type of charger supplied when you buy an EV is 120v and can be plugged into any standard 120v outlet. It is not recommended that you share the outlet with another appliance, however, as it will create an overload of the circuit breaker. The outlet should be close to where you park your car so that you do not require an extension lead to be attached to the charger. We can install an extra outlet to your garage or carport safely so you can have worry-free charging. The 120v chargers add between 2 to 5 miles of range per hour of charging time and are suitable for plug-in hybrids as well as EVs.

240v Outlet

The second most common charger is a 240v one and needs to be plugged into a 240v outlet. This is not your standard outlet but is similar to the one your electric range has. A licensed electrician should undertake the addition of a 240v outlet to comply with national codes and regulations. 240v chargers add between 10 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging time and are usually purchased in addition to the vehicle. You may qualify for a grant to install a 240v charger in your home, and you can find out more about this incentive here.

Universal Outlet

We can install a universal outlet in your garage so that you can easily interchange between the different chargers if you have a second electric vehicle or visitors with an EV. You may need to upgrade your electrical wiring if you live in an older house. We will check to see if this is required before undertaking any work installing a new outlet.

Commercial EV Chargers

We Install Public EV Charging Stations

Morich Electric are certified installers of:

  • ChargePoint EV Chargers

Attract Employees

Attract EV owners to your location with dedicated parking spots and charging stations. Sales of EVs are increasing, so make sure you don’t lose out to your competitors by failing to provide for the needs of your customers. Including a charging station at your work will also help you attract and retain employees who are environmentally conscious and want to work for an employer who feels the same way about reducing carbon emissions. The US Department of Energy completed a survey of attitudes to electric vehicles and reported that employees were more likely to stay with an employer who offered onsite charging.

Grants and Certification

Installing a charging station doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive with grants available from the MA Department of Environmental Protection. The installation of commercial EV charging stations is also a source of LEED credits. Essential if your business has committed to sustainability and a valuable asset if you choose to sell the property later on.

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