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Electrical Service Upgrade

Ensure Your Home Can Cope With a Modern Lifestyle

Keep Your Home Safe with an Electrical Service Upgrade

If you own an older home, you may need an electrical service upgrade. We all love our gadgets, appliances, and entertainment devices that make our lives easier and fun. But unless your home is brand new, chances are your existing wiring, and circuit boards will not be able to cope with the increased need for power. Once upon a time, your standard household wiring only needed 60 amps of power. Nowadays, your home will often require 200 amps to operate air conditioners, flat-screen TVs, computers, two-door fridges all at once.

Overloading (causing circuit breakers to trip and cut power), flickering lights, burnt-out outlets, and unexpected appliance shutdowns are all symptoms of a wiring system that cannot cope with demand. It may be time for an electrical service upgrade.

We will provide a complete evaluation of your home’s power needs and discuss with you what options are available to bring your home up to date with your technological requirements. Without an upgrade to your electrical service, there is a risk of fire and damage to your appliances from power surges and disconnection.

Inspection Before an Electrical Service Upgrade

Before getting an electrical service upgrade, we recommend inspecting the state of your home wiring for signs of aging. Like all electrical appliances, your switchboard will wear out and require replacing. If your home was built in the 1960s or 70’s the wiring may not be copper but aluminum instead, which is considered a safety hazard. This is because aluminum connections can loosen over time and overheat. The good news is you may not have to replace all of the wiring as we can install copper connectors in the outlets and circuit breakers to resolve the issue.

If your home was built in the 19th or early 20th century, it may contain knob and tube wiring, which cannot handle the electrical loading of today and should be replaced or augmented with new wiring. Insurance companies will refuse to cover rental properties with this wiring.

Call us today at 508-328-6017 to discuss your needs, get a wiring inspection and receive an electrical warrant of fitness for your home.

Hire Morich electric

Morich Electric maintains high standards of quality and efficiency. We are your go-to licensed and insured electrical technicians in MetroWest, MA.  Whatever you want to do, we ensure that it is completed to code safely. We understand your needs and how to go about getting it done.

We take pride in our work and how we treat our customers. You can expect us to be courteous, respectful of your time and space, and leave your home just as we found it.

Why Choose us?

• Our electricians take pride in their work, are qualified, licensed, and fully insured.
• Your project will be completed to code, and the safety of all comes first.
• We leave out the jargon when discussing your needs and discuss what options are best suited to your project.
• We take pride in our work and leave the workspace clean and tidy when done.

What our customers say

Our customers are happy to brag about our work. Here are some customer testimonials.
We can also provide a list of customers you can call to confirm our high standard of customer service.

I highly recommend Morich Electric for any project. I've known John for many years and have utilized him and his crew multiple times. From complete home renovations to minor electrical issues they always come through. They're on time, professional, and do great work. If you're in need of an electrician don't look any further.

Matt H.

Marlborough, MA

I have hired Morich Electric several times at my house now and am always satisfied with his work. John and his team are professional, courteous and get the job done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Morich Electric!

Penny G.

Realtor/Operations Manager

Timely response, competitive pricing, high quality work, extremely courteous and pleasure to work with John and his team. I recommend John for any home electrical work.

Rahoul B.

Ashland, MA

My company has used Morich Electric for projects of varying sizes and complexity for almost a decade. They're my first call any time I need electrical work. They're honest, hard working, attentive to detail, and do a great job cleaning up the worksite when they're done. They are experts at finding solutions to the inevitable problems that emerge when updating existing lighting and electrical systems, there's no one I'd trust more when I have a difficult job that requires expertise.

Eli B.

Senior Project Manager

I have used John for many years for all my electrical needs. Have always been happy with his work and he will always be my first call. Fair pricing and very knowledgeable. He is professional, prompt and informative. Extremely reliable and gets the job done efficiently. Definitely recommend him!

Bob L.

Southborough, MA

We've had the privilege of working with John and his team at Morich Electric on several projects, from building a house from the ground up to remodeling a historic farm, we are always pleased with our consultation, support, time to implement and the prices are beyond fair. I trust Morich Electric and for my needs no matter how big or small the job!

Anna and Harry

Hopkinton, MA

I’m impressed! Had Morich Electrical install lighting & exterior outlets at my house. As a contractor myself I appreciated his knowledge & professionalism when quoting & installing the project, will use them again in the future.

Ray S.

Marlborough, MA

Professional, honest and incredibley talented is how I would describe my experience with Morich Electric. They showed up when they were scheduled to arrive and they left the job site so clean each day when finished for the day, that I think the area was cleaned then when I had them start the job. The owner, John was so straight forward and honest about everything along the way and described exactly what they would be doing and why they did what they needed to do. I would highly recommend Morich Electric to anyone that is in need of anything from minor electrical work to a big job. I highly recommend them and would say that you will not be disappointed with this company.

Dave N.

Lancaster, MA

We could not be more pleased with Morich Electric.  Everything we asked for from our estimate was completed and was excellent. We were more than delighted with the efforts and performance of the electricians as well as the final results. We have used Morich Electric in the past and each time we have been extremely satisfied with the cost and results.  I would highly recommend them for any residential service.

Tim B.

Raynham, MA

Great service and great technicians! We have utilized Morich Electric on many projects and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the services they provided. The technicians were on time, very polite, explained everything thoroughly, and checked and double checked every piece of equipment. We will continue to use them for our installations and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Energy Source LLC

I have used Morich Electric on several occasions and each time, John and his team have delivered a positive experience. Very professional, proficient, and have shown great attention to detail in their work. Top notch company that I highly recommend!

Jim S.

Boylston, MA

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